Birthday Parties

Choose your own personalized dance routine and become a pop-star! We can create the exact atmosphere that a parent imagines for their child's birthday!


After-School Enrichment

Catch on to the latest dance craze at your school! Rock out in dance class and perform in a show wearing costumes!


Summer Camps

Be a Popstar in our Performance Art Camp! Activities include Dance Classes, Music Videos, Fairytale Theatre, Acting, Theme Days and more!

Whuz Poppin' Now

Enroll Now For Pre Summer Camp!

1 Week Performance Art Popstar Camp
Date: June 17 - 21
Time: 9a-3pm
Location: Joslyn Park Auditorium
Address: 633 Kensington Rd, Santa Monica, CA 90405

More details on our camp page!

About Us

Funky Divas & Dudes have created a magical world where children can let their personalities shine! By learning a dance routine in completion and performing it for an audience, children acquire the self confidence needed to help them grow. Funky Divas & Dudes help children increase their self-esteem, gain better interactive social skills, improve their concentration, coordination, and balance all the while having a fun, positive experience!