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Birthday Parties

Choose your own personalized dance routine and become a pop-star! We can create the exact atmosphere that a parent imagines for their child's birthday!


After-School Enrichment

Catch on to the latest dance craze at your school! Rock out in dance class and perform in a show wearing costumes!



In our elite Performance Art Camp each hour has a unique, specialized activity!

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Mission Statement

Funky Divas & Dudes have created a magical world where children can let their personalities shine! By learning a dance routine in completion and performing it for an audience, children acquire the self confidence needed to help them grow. Funky Divas & Dudes help children increase their self-esteem, gain better interactive social skills, improve their concentration, coordination, and balance all the while having a fun, positive experience! The Funky Divas & Dudes team are a group of role models who are not only energetic, smart, fun-loving, outgoing, independent, stylish, and talented, but also possess a high self esteem, producing confidence through their contagious smiles! Be assured your children will learn and grow mentally and physically, while getting the praise and recognition they deserve. Helping kids stay fit, and have a positive body image empowers them to reach their utmost potential! Research indicates that students involved in afterschool or extracurricular programs get better grades, have a greater interest in school, and have enormous hopes for the future!

Our company stays current and aware of the latest, hippest, trends in music, television and film, making it timeless with extensive possibilities to many age groups.

Funky Divas & Dudes stay current in what’s HOT and what’s NOT through energetic and fun dance classes at elementary schools, Performance Art Camps and Birthday Parties!

Whuz up with the Divas?

  • Breaking News:

    Funky Divas & Dudes is a favorite of Nickelodeon. They performed at the 2017 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards Welcome Party! They’ve performed every year since 2012 making it 6 years in a row! Nickelodeon also hired them to teach dance classes to the kids who were guests at the Kids Choice Awards Party! Some lucky students of Funky Divas & Dudes were invited to be specialty dancers at the party as well! Fans of Funky Divas & Dudes range from kids on scholarship to A list celebrities! This dance company is a favorite among celebrity parents such as Dave Grohl, Jon Faverau, Heidi Klum & Seal, Lisa Rinna, Richie Sambora, & even Noah Cyrus (Miley’s little sister) had a birthday party! Look at our celebrity page for more!

  • Who Are the Funky Divas and Dudes?

    You’ve see them in television, film and music videos. Funky Divas & Dudes has had the opportunity to choreograph dance sequences for commercials as well as cast their own students! The staff consists of professional dancers, singers and actors. Some of the staff have worked for company’s such as Disney! Funky Dude breakdancers have displayed their mind blowing moves on the television show ABDC (America’s Best Dance Crew)! In fact E! Entertainment produced a special on Funky Divas and Dudes Birthday Parties in 2005. They even performed at the 2017 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards Party! Want to know more?

  • Performance Art Camp Updates

    ROCK OUT with the Funky Divas & Dudes this Summer! Check out our fabulous location at 5 Star Shutters Hotel on the Beach in Santa Monica!- We offer week long sessions June 16-August 29 . We offer private residence camps too! Check out our camp page for the various dates and locations. Brentwood, Pacific Palisades, Beverly Hills, Hancock Park, and your neighborhood! June – August. Inquire to host your own camp in your backyard with your child’s friends! Camps are 9:00am-3:00pm, ages 4-12, boys and girls. Junior Counselor positions available too! Let’s get Funky!

  • Enrichment Dance Classes

    Funky Divas & Dudes will come to your school to teach an afterschool enrichment program! We offer all types of dance classes! Including cheerleading, breakdancing, & fairytale theatre! We offer preschool dance classes too!

  • Parties

    Book Your Child’s next party with us! From 4 year old princess parties to Sweet 16 co-ed DJ Parties, we do it all!

Summer Camp Sessions