Youth Dance Program in LA | Back to School with Funky Divas & Dudes

Kids School Project

We had an amazing summer and hope you did too! But now it is back-to-school time, and we wanted to share an awesome school project that some of our very own students presented on their experience with Funky Divas & Dudes.

Learning through Dance

FD&D has been running a popular dance class at Washington Elementary School in Redondo Beach, CA for years. The class usually has 50-60 kids split into two groups (older and younger) for most of the dances, but we always get them together for a fun group routine as well. It is the only class still taught by one of our owners, Dana Marie! Leah and Emmy are good friends and have been in the Funky Divas & Dudes Hip Hop Class at Washington Elementary School since they were tiny tots. When their teacher, Mrs. Watanabe, gave them the opportunity to choose a topic for an extra credit project in their 2nd grade class, they immediately picked Funky Divas & Dudes!

They created a hand-painted poster filled with pictures to present their knowledge and share their stories with the class—they acted as our very own student representatives! They made sure to provide all of the information on what the class does, how to sign up, the teachers qualifications and safety training. And they ended with the grand finale of showing how FD&D plays only the most popular top hit songs (appropriately, of course)!

We strive to promote confidence and teamwork through our dance program, so we felt incredibly honored and proud to see these two sweet friends exemplify what they have learned while participating in FD&D over the years. Our program is so much more than just fun dance moves—we use movement to ignite confidence and empower our students to go out achieve more than they ever imagined!

Check out fun pictures of the class at Washington and Leah and Emmy’s School project below!

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