The Power of a Child’s Imagination


Children contain a vast degree of imagination that is untainted by the external factors of society. It is a wonderful and natural thing. Children can create whole worlds full of mystery and fantasy in their minds. And most importantly they dive into these worlds without fear and without hesitations. It is truly a gift that children have, to turn ideas into personal realities.

It has been proven that children with active imaginations have a stronger sense of self-confidence, a tendency towards intellectual growth and less fear in day-to-day activities. Children who have active imaginations oftentimes play games with their friends that require a good deal of talking, thinking and even introspection.

Funky Divas & Dudes help foster and support the imaginations of children through exposing them to the power of the arts. Singing and dancing are two ways children can use their imaginations to help their personalities and creativities shine among others.

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