Santa Monica Party Entertainment | Double Birthday Celebration

Chloe and Anabel are BFF’s who decided to celebrate their 6th Birthday together! We love that these girls had a fun and fantastic party together and asked the Funky Divas & Dudes to be there to help them celebrate!

Being the true Funky Divas they are they threw a Rockstar Rager. It was definitely a day that these two will remember for the rest of their lives!

Chloe and Annabel’s Rockin’ Rager

The party took place at Joslyn Park on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Complete with an amazing zebra print cake, inflatable guitars and of course the Funky Divas & Dudes.  The party started with awesome cheek art and hair color: pink and gold was the happening combo. There was even a craft station where everyone got to make a rockin’ beaded necklace. The girls loved everything we provided and it was so awesome to see them having so much fun with their friends.

The highlight of the day was when everyone learned a custom dance routine to Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song”. Can we say Girl Power! Then everyone got decked out in rockstar gear (skirts, shirts, sequin hats, netted gloves, leg warmers, scarves, and necklaces). They did an awesome job of acting fierce for the dance performance. They rocked those dance moves! They performed for Chloe and Annabelle’s adoring fans. After the paparazzi got all their photos in we finished off with our signature Rockstar Freeze Dance with giveaways (tinsel wands, star clackers, disco ball necklaces, and glitter microphones). Then the rockstars and their possie ate pizza, cake and sang Happy Birthday! The perfect way to kick off an amazing weekend! We had so much fun celebrating Chloe and Anabel’s birthday. These two girls are super sweet and deserve to have many more Rockstar Ragers in their futures!


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