Los Angeles Kid’s Party Entertainment | Everly’s Malibu Music Video Party

Everly’s birthday was too much fun! She celebrated her 12th Birthday in real Funky Diva style! Her and her closest friends took over an incredible house right on the beach in Malibu. You might have seen the location on your morning entertainment shows as Amy Schumer had her surprise wedding there the week before. What a fun idea for a birthday party!

Everly’s Malibu Birthday Bash

They started the birthday festivities with matching day outfits complete with matching rose print socks. Next up a stylist came to do custom hair and makeup (not provided by us). While they waited to get glammed up, they made glitter slime, took pics in the photo booth, and had snacks from the candy bar filled with Everly’s favorite kinds of candy. The girls had a blast the moment the party started, which always sets a great tone for the rest of the day!

The Funky Divas arrived to film a music video to Alessia Cara’s “How Far I’ll Go.” The girls got dressed up in Hawaiian themed flower shirts, grass skirts, leis and hair pins (not provided by us). Even Gidget the puppy got deck out! We utilized the beach, backyard pool, and tons of cool props to set the scene.

We ended up taking a much-needed break for costume changes. This was a super exciting day of dress up for the girls. Watching them get all glammed up was so fun, and I’m glad we were there to organize and documents their sassy outfits and makeup! The girls traded out the Hawaiian theme for our Rockstar gear (skirts, shirts, sequin hats, netted gloves, leg warmers, scarves, and necklaces). The music video turned out so great, and the girls totally enjoyed being a part of it. Everly was the star, of course, and did an awesome job dancing and singing along. We finished filming and Everly opened her gifts as a private chef prepared the girls dinner, then they snuggled in for a sleepover. I’m guessing from the amount of candy, and excitement there was not much sleep to be had.

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