Lago Seco Park Party Entertainment | Three Times the Birthday Fun!

Amazing kids birthday cake

Funky Divas and Dudes was thrilled to be a part of the birthday festivities for this awesome trio of girls. This joint best friend birthday party was a blast.  Twins, Emmy and Ella, joined up with their best friend, Sarah, to celebrate their 7th birthdays together on a Sunday afternoon at Alamo Seco Park, in Torrance.  And celebrate they did!  The girls and 20 of their friends celebrated in style bouncing the day away with a bounce house, and rockin’ and rollin’ with the Funky Divas & Dudes.

True Funky Divas & Dudes Fashion

True to Funky Divas & Dudes party style, we started off with our signature glitter cheek art and hair color before diving in to some dance games.  Once everyone was all warmed up, we moved on to learning the custom choreography to Miley Cyrus’, “Party in the USA”.  This group was awesome!  They had tons of energy and personality to boot.  Everyone got a bandanna and gave the parents a performance of their new moves.
After a quick break to recoup some energy with pizza and corn dogs we brought out the boa for some limbo time. Just when the kids thought the party could not get any better, we hit them with some more fun.  We played our final game of Rockstar Freeze Dance with giveaways.   All the kids showed off their Tango, Whip & Nae Nae, Country, and Disco moves.  Everyone leaves a Funky Divas & Dudes party a winner.  The guests each parted with a disco ball, star clacker, tinsel wand, and instead of our usual glitter microphones, a blow up guitar.  The party ended with an energetic rendition of Happy Birthday and lots of cake which was made by one of the dads.  The cake and cupcakes were awesome! How wonderful to have a dad that can make you professional cakes since he was a chef for Caesar’s Palace in Vegas.  Jackpot!  Funky Divas & Dudes was thrilled to have gotten to celebrate this awesome kids birthday party with Ella, Emmy and Sarah.
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