LA Kid’s Birthday Entertainment | Violet’s “Girls Like You” Music Video Party

We are so excited to share Violet’s Music Video birthday bash party with you all! Violet is so full of life and fun to be around, which made this party theme PERFECT for her! She gathered all of her best friends together to dance the day away in celebration of her 8th birthday! Yay!!

Enjoying the Lime Light

Once she decided on a Music Video party, she instantly knew which song they wanted to recreate. The super popular Maroon 5 song  “Girls Like You”. It was SO much fun watching them turn into popstars, and loving every second of the spotlight! Too cute 🙂 As you can probably tell, Violet and her friends are no strangers to Funky Divas and they have the dance moves to prove it. Their rockstar moves paired with some truly impressive gymnastics moves made for an awesome music video. The best part though? The huge smiles on each girl’s face as the camera panned over them. Who doesn’t love a little lime light here and there?!

We started our party with specialty crafts (eye masks, totes, and notebooks) set out with fun patches, jewels and accessories to make them their own. The Funky Divas helped everyone pick the perfect decorations for their crafts. Then it was time for Hair and Makeup. We decided on (temporary) pink highlights and the ever-classic winged eye. Swoon! We jammed to awesome tunes the whole time and got camera ready.

Girls Like You

We filmed our music video to “Girls Like You” By Maroon 5 ft. Cardi B. and it turned out AMAZING!!! Make sure to check it out below! Once we were done, did you think the party was over?? Think again!! Violet transformed her room into sleepover heaven. Everyone had their own teepees that were decked out with lights, pillows, blankets and fun prizes. Jealous much!? Me too! Undoubtedly, they danced the night away after all the donuts and sweets they could handle.

Sorry Funky Dudes this party was for Divas only!! <3

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