Kid’s Birthday Party Entertainment in Los Angeles | Ella’s Winter Wonderland Party

Winter themed birthday party

Ella’s winter wonderland party was an absolute success and blast. Funky Divas & Dudes were thrilled to be back to celebrate her birthday for another year at her Los Angeles home. She’s been inviting the Funky Divas & Dudes crew to coordinate the entertainment for her L.A. birthday parties since her very first trip around our sun. That’s a whopping four years in a row!  She is a true Funky Diva and we’ve loved watching her grow into a beautiful, sweet little girl.

Princess Ella’s Winter Wonderland

The theme and decor for this year’s party was inspired by Disney’s Frozen, so there was of course tons of glitter, silver and sparkles. Their yard looked absolutely incredible. They had a snow machine, “ice” dance floor (faux ice covering their pool) that looked like an ice skating rink, a cotton candy machine and giant cupcake penguin served as dessert. Yum! It snowed during the entire party, as we danced the day away.

Dressing the Part

We jump started the party with glitter cheek art as the guests arrived.  Everyone got a snowflake, heart or star to go with their silver and gold sparkly hair color.  This all went perfectly with Ella’s furry pink coat and silver sparkly skirt. Our instructors fully committed to the theme too, wearing skirts, jackets and even scarves; and of course, sparkles!
Once everyone arrived, it was time to break out our dance moves. We love hosting dance parties!  We taught a personalized dance routine to Taylor Swift’s, “Look What You Made Me Do”.  These kids were true L.A. rockstars as they performed for their adoring fans- their moms and dads.  As the party neared an end we closed things out with a game of rockstar freeze dance where the kids won some awesome giveaways to keep.
Funky Divas & Dudes had a great time in Ella’s Winter Wonderland.  It was great to get into the holiday spirit. After all, nothing says Christmas more than snow, even if it is being created by a machine.
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