Encouraging Green Living for Kids

Now is the time to go green, in the way you think and the way you act! And this can start even with children. Furthermore, this should start at the level of children. They are the future and they are the minds that will change the face of our earth for future generations. Here are some simple ways you can help influence the environmental awareness and development of your children:

1)    Teach your children to recycle at a young age: If this imperative practice becomes almost second nature to children, they’ll continue to recycle later in life. Recycling is not an action but rather a duty as a human being! And it’s so simple! We need to keep our planet healthy and striving!

2)    Plant trees with your children: There are numerous organizations and non-profits that are planting trees around the world, trying to curve our human carbon footprint. Planting trees can help your children see the direct impact of their actions on the world, and allow them to experience the glory of the outdoors. Check out for more information!

3)    Buy green friendly toys and clothes for your children! Your access to green products is becoming easier and easier today in society. There are many websites and physical stores that are dedicated to producing and selling only biodegradable or recycled products.

4)    Reduce your children’s use of energy: Teach them to turn off lights when they leave the room and not leave water running longer than they need to! These are simpler ways children can develop positive green habits early in life and be a part of the change in the world.

5)    Use refillable water bottles and reuse wrapping paper, and plastic bags.

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