Dance and Health for Kids

Engaging in dance classes is one of the easiest ways kids can maintain healthy fitness regiments, without even knowing it! Dancing is one of the most human, and freeing exertions of energy. It can bring communities together, while giving kids a chance to express themselves with their peers.

Dancing can increase flexibility, motor skill development, endurance, strength and an overall sense of well being, as well as self-confidence and social skills as well.

For kids, taking a dance class can really become the highlight of their week! Physical activity for kids is extremely important and is a vital indication of their overall health and emotional state. Promoting youth development through dance has become a trend in today’s society because of its entertaining and accessible atmosphere. Funky Divas & Dudes gives kids an outlet of expression, acceptance, and a sense of community among kids their age through dance.

Funk Divas & Dudes features enrichment dance classes for kids of all ages! Funky Divas & Dudes will come to your school to teach an afterschool enrichment program! We offer all types of dance classes! Including cheerleading, breakdancing, & fairytale theatre! We offer preschool classes too! For more information visit

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