Cinco De Mia

Cinco De Mia!

When your birthday falls on a holiday, you might as well roll with it! Mia turned 12 on Cinco de Mayo, and we turned it into a serious fiesta.

As guests arrived they received custom airbrushed hats while they walked in to some beat-dropping music from by our Funky Deejay. The party started with funky cheek art and a glitter and hair color station so guests could rock their own unique styles.

After everyone was decked out, we jumped right into learning a custom routine to “The Middle” by Zedd, Maren Morris & Gray and Funky Performance. They all did such a great job of picking it up, they looked like a professional dance troupe! Putting on their best moves worked up an appetite, so after a quick taco truck break, we jumped into a fun game time!

First up: the Donut Contest. This game is just as fun to watch and cheer on your friends as it is to play.Winners get bragging rights – but, let’s be honest, when you get to eat donuts there are no losers, right?!

Next up: we got mummified! This game is played in teams. One person is the mummy, and the others are wrappers who take TP and wrap the mummy as fast as they can. This one is also pretty funny to watch.

Of course, we had to work off some of the sugar with dance games and a serious dance battle – again, no losers here! All of them had some awesome moves to show off. We topped it all off with our signature Rockstar Freeze Dance with giveaways! EVERYONE loves giveaways! Needless to say, Cinco De Mia was a huge hit, and we had a blast celebrating with this one-of-a-kind birthday girl! Check out the amazing video that captured some of the fun for Mia’s day below!

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