Charlotte’s Barbie Birthday Bash

Charlotte’s Barbie Birthday Bash

What little girl wouldn’t adore a Barbie birthday party?! Well, I know Charlotte couldn’t have been more excited for hers! The Funky Divas & Dudes absolutely rocked out with Charlotte and her friends for her 5th birthday bash. As soon as the guests arrived, they were transported into a Barbie World. They were welcomed like the stars they all are, walking down the pink carpet and past Barbie’s pink corvette before jumping into the Barbie Photo Box and personalized Barbie Step and Repeat. The Funky Divas got everyone styled for the event with Glitter Cheek Art and Hair Color as the guests arrived. Once everyone was there, Barbie, her pop star friends, and the Funky DeeJay with her Rockin’ Tunes (DJ services provided by FD&D) joined in for giant colorful parachute fun, dance games and a special surprise dance routine.

The Kids Rockstar Party

The kids then headed to wardrobe to transform for their Kids Rockstar Party, Los Angeles, debut. They picked out their favorite Rockstar clothes and accessories and then strutted their stuff in a fashion show before getting into formation to perform their surprise dance routine for the crowd of family and friends. Everyone had an amazing time dancing to the Divas and Dudes special choreography to Charlotte’s choice song, Justin Timberlake’s, “Can’t Stop the Feeling”. The crowd loved the surprise performance at her Kids Popstar Party. It was great to see everyone having such a great time!

After the performance ended to tumultuous applause, the party carried on with more dance games and fun giveaways for the children to keep; inflatable guitars, maracas, tinsel wands and disco ball necklaces that Funky Divas & Dudes brought for everyone.The cake, dessert table and some of the decor was done by M&J Kreations from Huntington Beach. How talented are they?!

They accompanied Barbie with their new instruments and accessories in a conga line around the pool and enormous pink balloon arch

Funk Divas & Dudes Funk Divas & Dudes Funk Divas & Dudes Funk Divas & Dudes Funk Divas & Dudes Funk Divas & Dudes Funk Divas & Dudes Funk Divas & Dudes Funk Divas & Dudes

Funky Divas & Dudes loves providing a fun environment with role models, setting good examples for the kids. This Kids Birthday Party, featured Barbie and incorporated our Rockstar, Popstar and Fashion Show fun. We enjoy bringing smiles to the kids faces and creating memories that will last a lifetime with the fun theme of your child’s dreams. We bring the party to you so that you can relax and truly enjoy the memories of your child’s special day.


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