Dance Birthday Party Los Angeles

Funky Divas and Dudes Party Packages!

Funky Divas and Dudes Party Packages! Our basic parties start with glitter makeup and hair color to popstar the kids out. We teach a personalized dance routine to a song ...
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Summer Camp Santa Monica and Los Angeles

Host a Funky Divas and Dudes Camp!

Learn more about the camp experience >> Host a camp! HAVE A CAMP IN YOUR BACKYARD WITH YOUR CHILD'S FRIENDS! (10 child minimum) **We can provide preschool camps too! Dates: June ...
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Kids Choice Awards Funky Divas & Dudes

Nick Dance Classes

Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards Dance Classes with the Funky Divas & Dudes Funky Divas & Dudes taught dance classes for the child guests of the 2013 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards! ...
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Kids Choice Awards

Nickelodeon KCA

Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards Welcome Party Funky Divas & Dudes Rocked the Floor at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards Welcome Party on March 22, 2013! These funky instructors worked the ...
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Encouraging Green Living for Kids

Now is the time to go green, in the way you think and the way you act! And this can start even with children. Furthermore, this should start at the ...
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Positive Hip-Hop for Kids

Kids want to listen to something fun! Kids also want to listen to music that they can relate to and that they can dance to! At the same time, however, ...
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Easter time with the Family

Easter is upon us! And what a better weekend to spend outside in the beautiful sunshine with your friends and family! Here are some creative Easter activities for this weekend ...
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The Power of a Child’s Imagination

Children contain a vast degree of imagination that is untainted by the external factors of society. It is a wonderful and natural thing. Children can create whole worlds full of ...
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St. Patrick’s Day Crafts and Activities for Kids This St. Patrick’s Day, spend the day with your children in a mystical world of leprechauns, shamrocks, rainbows, and pots of gold! There are many ways to entertainment your ...
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The Power of Singing and Music

Just like dancing can prove to be an imperative activity in helping the healthy development of your children, singing is as well! Parents, who sing to their children during their ...
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