4th of July Fun for Kids: Get Your Little Ones Singing and Dancing

This 4th of July, before you head out with your kids to see fireworks, let them show their creativity!

Here are some examples of artistic alternatives to 4th of July fun for kids:

  1. Urge your little ones to put on a talent show for friends and family. This is a perfect opportunity for your kids to practice their snazzy moves on the dance floor and everything they’ve learned at Funky Divas and Dudes!
  2. Karaoke for kids! This can be a wonderful way to get little kids singing and dancing with their friends in honor of the holiday. And if they are very inspired, you can even help them put on their own music video.

These types of activities this holiday season will give your kids the opportunity to explore music through movement, get exercise (without even knowing it!) and have fun while learning discipline and the beauty of creative expression.

All of these things we believe in wholeheartedly at Funky Divas and Dudes! Find out more here.

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